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Do you know what details need to be paid attention to when the packing box is printed?


What are the details to pay attention to in the design process of the gift box?

What are the commonly used processes in the late printing process?

What should be paid special attention to?

This is not only a question that the designer needs to ask at all times, but also to the printing plant that it must be clear about the details of the problem.

The main focus on the material problems in the early stage, the gift box in the design of the design of the main issue of paper thickness. Because the material is different, the receiving problem will be considered in the later die cutting and the sticky box. If the card color box does not consider this problem, there will be a phenomenon that is not compatible with the design.

The process: there are a few (or double corrugated paper, coated paper), UV, die cutting, bronzing film, (silver) details processing batter box etc. in addition there is a printing process squadron of the source file, RGB CMYK did not turn the consequences: most of the software (FreeHand, Pagemaker etc. figure RGB) will not be misused if color, RGB, out of the color film or just figure in the black version, some other color version of the image absolutely empty, or grayscale equivalent in four color edition.

Solution: if you use the scanner support direct scan CYMK, best can directly scan color files; if you only get RGB, don't forget that in the output before RGB to CYMK. tips: from the file name or it is difficult to see the file icon is RGB or CYMK, one by one to open too much trouble. For the TIFF map, can be observed from the color images to look for publishing or imposition software to make a judgment in the CYMK: TIFF map preview is bright and natural, RGB is more natural color. As for EPS, it is difficult to distinguish from the preview, check only in the case of not assured.

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